March 5, 2021
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#OpenMichigan #NOW

Michigan Expands Vaccine Eligibility to 50-Years-and-Older

Coordination between Gov. Cuomo and MI Gov. Whitmer?

Even Democrats aren't accepting Gov. Cuomo's lame, insincere, apology!!!

Michigan lawmakers enraged after reports of National Guard members being served raw or moldy food;

Trump controls the GOP,'s his party!!!

Trump Speech Cements Hold Over GOP, Charts Party Roadmap

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You can keep ours Joe,...NO thank you!!!

Biden announces the US will have enough vaccine for every adult American by the end of May, moving up the timeline by two months

Kavanaugh dismays conservatives by dodging pro-Trump election lawsuits

Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell Election Fraud Petitions in Less Than 10 Words

Democrat’s $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill Is ‘Neo-Socialist Wish List’: Sen. John Kennedy

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Wooden Nickel, in Marquette Michigan gets 1st violation;

Liquor license suspensions upheld for 8 violators of Michigan’s dine-in ban

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says "Support Local",...while her campaign's finance report shows she spent over $400,000 with a Madison, Wisconsin "Run the World" printing/direct mail company;

Whitmer Wants You To Buy Michigan, "Support Local",.... As She Buys Wisconsin!!!

Executive order could be coming!!!???

2nd hour discussion on today's show, with Dr. Kyle Denholm, Breath of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center in Petoskey, MI; @PetoskeyChiro Click on the link below and volunteer!!!

Michigan Governor Whitmer declares state of emergency in Michigan, for delivery of propane by truck drivers;

"Fairest and most secure election in Michigan's history"!!!???

Blue collar workers, coming over to the Republican party!!!
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Trump not McConnell will control the GOP in 2022;

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